Luxury Swimwear

Is your luxury swimwear ready to make a splash? Summer is almost here and for those who do not live in places where swimwear can be worn year round, it signifies a time of the year when you can pack your bags and take off for that well deserved vacation you have been daydreaming about.

Whether you enjoy spending your vacation on the beach or by the pool, your swimwear is probably the most important item you will pack in your suitcase, aside from your sunscreen and passport. So when it comes to looking and feeling great, your luxury swimwear is just as important as where you will be working on your tan.

Whether you prefer a reserved, single color outfit or a more fashion forward, glamorous and provocative mix, check out our entire line. We are positive you will find several outfits to look perfect for the entire summer.

Swimwear Stores

When looking for items in swimwear stores, buyers are either seeking something functional or as a fashion accessory. It is uncommon to find a mixture of the two.

When buying “luxury swimwear” from swimwear stores online or in a resort, the word luxury can be used fairly liberally and subjected to interpretation. For example, if you see luxury swimwear for sale on eBay for $30, there’s a good chance that the definition of the word “luxury” is being stretched here just a bit the same way that a fast food meal would be considered elegant dining.

With designs and colors heavily influenced by the latest trends, we at Dolcessa understand the important things that every woman should have in her life like a perfect tan, stimulating company and sexy swimwear. If quality fashion is your vice, be sure to check out our full line as you should only choose from the best.

Shop Online Swimwear

The beach is always a popular vacation destination. Dolcessa reminds you it’s that time to shop online for swimwear to get that perfect look for one of these top five U.S. mainland beaches.

If you’re wearing a Dolcessa’s Scarlet Feather Coverup, you will surely turn heads in Myrtle Beach, SC, the East Coast’s ultimate vacation spot.

Nantucket, MA has picturesque neighborhoods and a beach for everyone featuring calm waters and lots of sandcastles, perfect for a Colbalt Santotrini Romper.

A Purple Peacock Triangle bikini or an Aquamarine Coverup gives you the perfect look for the white sands of Clearwater Beach, FL.

An Azure Parrot Caftan might be ideal for Coronado Central Beach, CA as it stretches behind some great homes that line Ocean Boulevard.

Whether you shop online for swimwear like a Sun Pyramid bikini, bring your binoculars to Cape May, NJ and spy on the dolphins jumping in the wake.